October 21st marks the anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in maritime history.

Today the cat killd our bird M[otacilla] Avida who had lived with us ever since the 29th of Septr intirely on the flies which he caught for himself; he was hearty and in high health so that probably he might have livd a great while longer had fate been more kind.

- Joseph Banks, 21 October, 1768, HMB Endeavour


RIP, Motacilla Avida. May your memory serve as a warning to all absent-minded naturalists who let their avian specimens flutter unprotected around great cabins where hungry moggies prowl.

Couple of bookish things:

Peter Aughton’s Endeavour is really good, barring a couple of Monkhousey slip-ups. Beautifully illustrated as well, courtesy of Sydney, Tupaia, Spöring, et al. I shall have to post a collection of snippets that I found particularly diverting, because there were quite a lot. :)

Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn is absolutely godawful. Mind-numbingly godawful, not even fun godawful like Child of the Sun or something. I have no love for the Emperor Domitian, but even he didn’t deserve this indignity.

And I have no books that I’m desperate to read right now, sooo… magicmattie, I think I might gird my loins and start The Conjurer’s Bird tonight. :P


Fletcher Christian Leaving the ‘Bounty' to Land on Pitcairn Island 1790
by Roy Cross


Fletcher Christian Leaving the ‘Bounty' to Land on Pitcairn Island 1790

by Roy Cross

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Probably not the best reasons to watch Hornblower (1998-2003) 2/?

Haha i’ve never noticed this until now!

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magicmattie said: Screw confidence, just do it. It’s a Nano. It’s not supposed to be perfect, it’s supposed to be insane and spontaneous.

Never mind the manoeuvres, just go straight at ‘em! :D

Yeah, I know. I just find it hard to turn off the carping editing voice during NaNo. Just need to work out what potential bunny I’m most enthusiastic about, enough to carry me through November. :P

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omg yes

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magicmattie said: Finally a Nano I might want to read. I’m supposed to be doing a NanoMango and I don’t know what it’ll be about, either :(

I’ve got too much choice on one hand, and not enough confidence on the other. :( Doesn’t help that there are just so many people or events or aspects of Age of Sail life that I want to write about. WOE.

I’ll decide on something, though. Even if it’s only at quarter to twelve on 31 October. :P

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NaNo forums are open again, which means my brain is officially in NaNo prep mode, but I have no idea what I want to write.

That is, my most insistent plotbunnies are all, predictably, Age of Sail. But which one?!


Imagine your icon being really excited because htey just baked their first cake, But then they suddendly droped  it on the floor and then crying over it. 

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